Art, Science + Technology

DMA9 Fall 2007, Section B

W10: Finals

Certainly one of the less stressful examinations, it was also by far the most interesting one. To be surrounded by individuals with so many innovative and exceptionally brilliant ideas and proposals was quite humbling. I think that the incorporation of the elements was also quite clever since, I believe, it helped many of us focus.

I noticed that there was a large number of people who chose to use water as their elemental theme. Water, in particular the lack of clean, drinkable water, is humanity’s second most prominent problem. As such, I felt the large number of water projects was quite significant since it seems to reflect upon our society and what we’re most worried about.

The fact that each presentation was at most 2 minutes also made this examination quite enjoyable. People were forced to present their projects quickly and concisely. This prevented the audience from getting bored from tedious, minute details. In general, I feel that this style of examination was a successful venture.


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