Art, Science + Technology

DMA9 Fall 2007, Section B

Prof. Gimzewski- Week 9

This past week Professor Gimzewski came and talked to our class about nanotechnology and bucky balls. I found his perspective on science and life in general very interesting. I specifically recall him telling us that at this point in time bucky balls are pointless. He said that the guys who made them should not have received anything, but they got the Nobel prize. Dr. Gimzewski looked at everything at face value. He knows that although someday these things could produce something that NOW they do not. And that it will take a lot of work to use these discoveries and inventions. Another thing that I liked about Professor Gimzewski is that although he is a leader in the field of Nanotech, he kept a level head and is still a normal guy (He told drinking stories!).

I also thought that his comments on the monks at the end of the discussion were interesting. At first thought it is hard to imagine that these men who all they do is meditate all day are the happiest people on the Earth. But then I thought about it, and it makes perfect sense. These men have no fears, no worries and are at peace with their inner selves. They do not have any stress or worry about any of the normal troubles that we have. These men are so focused and refined in their thoughts that they are the happiest men in the world. They are at peace! His comments about us only being an energy source also interested me. He said that when he was meditating he saw that other beings were only energy source. I am interested in his thinking, but do not agree with it. If everyone else was only an energy source, then he would be too. And energy sources cannot think so therefore nothing would really exist. I believe that although our body may be an energy source that we have spirits that live forever.

I liked Prof. Gimzewski and would love to hear from him in the future. I think that he should talk to every Desma class in the future, just to give the students a different perspective on science, but more importantly life.


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